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The Serendipity Series
Unique art pieces
The Serendipity Series
Unique art pieces
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Shapes and colors, that is what our designs are all about.
These unique little wooden artworks can be called the quintessence of our design language.

Our point of departure were the leftover pieces of wood in our studio. Meticulously combining some of these basic elements and giving them unique colourings is what gives them their unique expressive power. Eye-candy for your walls!

These art pieces are one-offs, and you will never find a second one of either of them. They are signed by the artist.
We created these pieces with the artists Monika Nowak and Jantien Baas.

jantien baas

Jantien Baas is the creative force behind both our Studio ROOF and Atelier Toit collections for two years now. As designer she creates and makes her own collections under her name ‘Jantien Baas’, mostly with textile and paper.

Initially we asked her to design our floral art collection as a one-time project. As we started working together, we discovered we speak the same design language, and we asked her to become our art director. Jantien is a genius with colors and with her tactile and sensitive approach she is just pushing our collections that little extra level up. Jantien made two of the unique serendipity art pieces

Monika Nowak

Monika is the designer of the three rectangular pieces. She has been working with us for a few years now, ever since she was a graduate student at the art academy. Monika has a strong conceptual power and is a color addict just as we are. She has a
witty and absurdist approach in storytelling that we adore.

Within the Atelier Toit team she’s the maker of our permanent collection pieces: carefully sanding, assembling, painting and packing them. For these serendipity pieces we asked her to freely go ahead, using her full artistic energy and make some art works with whatever she found as leftovers in our studio, and so she got truly excited and went ahead. We love what she created!