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Lamu Mask, Small


If you ask us to create an eyecatcher, an eyecatcher is what you get.

Our larger-than-life-collection consists of huge wooden statement pieces that fill any space with their flamboyant presence.
He is looking at you! Or is it the other way around? You just can’t help but
staring at this enchanting composition, which is the result of us playing freely
with shapes and colors we love.

Please note that all our products are carefully designed, hand-painted, and assembled by our team in our Amsterdam based studio.

We work as sustainable as possible: the birch plywood we use is FSC certified and the paints we use are water based.

Because we make them in our own studio by hand, one piece at a time, they can be adapted to your wishes and ideas. Do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities.

Dimension: W:29cm D:8cm H:65cm

Available colours

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